FE James & Sons have been looking after our house for three generations. It is the number one company we trust and go for. Over the decades the company has done various jobs, whether mending a door hinge or building an extension. It has always done work of good quality. Also when you ask them to come and fix something, they are dependable and will come within a reasonable time.

Nantyfarddu, Llanafan Fawr, August 2018

It is a testament that the well-established firm of F.E. James and Sons was highly recommended to us in 1998 by a local professional builder. F.E. James and Sons, owned and managed by Simon James, understands not only the difficulties of working with existing property over two hundred years old but also relishes the opportunities and challenges of erecting new buildings on existing footprints, using old material.

Working with Simon James has been a pleasure. His knowledge of old construction is thorough, and his ability to see the potential in a new site is exciting. Simon has delivered imaginative, solid, and beautiful construction for us for many years and is currently working on our new project.

Simon calls on a variety of professionals as well as maintaining a team of skilled employees. He is extremely responsive to calls for help and communicates fast and clearly. Because we do not live permanently in Wales, Simon takes responsibility for working without our immediate supervision for weeks at a time. Totally honest and thoroughly reliable, Simon has always followed through on a project and delivered on time.

Without Simon’s dedication, knowledge, and leadership, it would be impossible for us to conserve, re-establish, and maintain the beautiful buildings we have owned for over fifty years.